Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

By Belinda 

At 7.15 or so the Barrie contingent of Writers group came into our home bearing a plate of coconut cake. As Julie (far right) said, they always arrive fashionably early. 

One by one, more writers arrived, until the big back room with the soft, golden leather couch and chair and five wing backed chairs was filled with eight guests who all arrived on the right day.

I had so convinced myself yesterday that it was already Tuesday, that when an email arrived from Tracy saying that she wouldn't be able to make the meeting tomorrow, I saw that it was dated Monday, and thought, "Wow, that email took a long time to get here." This is a great example of how we try to make sense of information that does not agree with our reality--we conform it to our unreality! :)

So tonight, laughter, animated conversation and people filled our house, just as they were supposed to. All was well, everyone was where they were supposed to be and when, and I am back in sync with the rest of the world! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my - gets the ol'heart pumping, doesn't it??? I did the same - but different.

I had spent the day doing home jobs - being thankful all day that I didn't have to go anywhere and savoring each unclaimed minute - until my hubby came home.

"Think I'll trim the bush before we go out." he greets me with. "Sure you do tha...", I replied, thinking he and dog go out way more than we the couple do. "Then I'll walk the dog." "Uh-huh", I say sorta not listening - for my husband tends to always list his plans outloud - and really no one is paying attention. (Poor guy). "If I have time, I may even re-cut that patch of grass," he continued.

I'm trying to edit photos on the computer as he continues the mostly one-sided conversation. "Oh - I just brought you home a greek salad for supper so you don't have to cook." I pick up a bit there - how thoughtful. "Thought it would be easier for you." Yes indeed - very thoughtful.

"What time are we leaving?" he continued.

Now he had my whole attention. "Leaving???" "To go out" he replied. "Out?" I said in a higher tense tone - repeating like a parrot.

"Yes - remember we are meeting my sister and her husband to talk about the will."

Dear heavens - from 0 to 60 mph in a second. I was not showered, properly dress...nor in my right mind. I had completely forgot.

So - you are not alone in your mix up. Keeps us on our toes!! Keeps us humble.

Belinda said...

Ha ha ha! "Not showered, properly dressed...nor in my right mind." I laughed out loud Anonymous. So hilarious and I SO get it! :0

Your experience sounds like, "From Peace to Panic!"

Julie said...

We came home to nest for the evening with friends and in the presence of the Lord. At the Writer's Nest.

Belinda said...

Yes, Julie, it felt like a happy ending to my moments in The Twilight Zone. :)