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Monday's Adventure

By Belinda 
It will seem that we have spent our time here eating. Well, it is true that a lot of our getting together with friends has been over food!

Last week, soon after arriving, we bumped into Paul's childhood neighbour, Paul Atkinson and his wife, Jean, with whom we have maintained contact over the years. They suggested that--yes of course--we get together for a meal. And we agreed to meet at the Red Lion where I had enjoyed a lovely meal with Susan on our last day here in March.
Andrew Atkinson, Paul's brother, joined us too, and we spent several hours enjoying good food and good company.

Paul and Andrew's father, died on April 28th (his son Paul's 70th birthday) at the age of 97, so we had common ground there. Mr. Atkinson senior was someone my Paul loved as a child. He used to call Paul, "Bobby" inexplicably (maybe to differentiate him from his son Paul) and Paul would accompany him to the market, pushing a wheelbarrow with gospel tracts and materials for sale (the Atkinson family belonged to a denomination called Gospel Hall.)

Here are Andrew and Jean.

And Paul A. and Paul B.

 Jean had Shepherd's Pie.

My choice was Chestnut, Mushroom and Leek Pie! The pastry was delicious--light and flaky; the filling though did not live up to my anticipation. I love mushrooms and all kinds of veggies--and I was looking forward to tasting the chestnuts. It was better in my imagination though. :)

Paul had steak with onion rings, fries and mixed vegetables (including broad beans,) all a special treat since he is trying hard to avoid carbs.

The choice of dessert (or pudding as dessert is called over here,) was tantalizing.
 Jean chose a lemon dessert with icecream and merengue.

 I had a delectable concoction called Eton Mess. If you love strawberries, cream, merengue and icecream, this dessert is heaven in a glass cup!

Andrew had a plate of giant profiteroles
Andrew's brother Paul had carrot cake with cream cheese frosting but the photo was fuzzy so you will have to use your imagination!

My own Paul declined dessert having splurged already on lunch. 

The Red Lion is definitely a place to put on your list of places to visit for lunch if in this area. Parts of the building date back to the 1700's and the pub has the ambiance of centuries of history. The staff are friendly and helpful and we had a  memorable lunch and conversation. 


Anonymous said…
Gosh - I'm a diabetic. I'm going to go into shock if I keep reading your post!! ha ha...sounds yummy! Of course all food is better seasoned with laughter and fellowship. Thanks for sharing.
Belinda said…
Anon, Paul was just diagnosed and has three months to lose weight before his next check up! He is on his way and being very good--most of the time at least. :)
As usual you sent me to Google ... I found out that, not only does England have historic buildings and historic personages ... it also has historic puddings. Eton mess ... an interesting read on Wiki.
Belinda said…
Dave, I love the idea of it being an "accidental mess." It makes me think of the joke whenever something goes wrong, "I meant to do that!" Ha ha. However it came to be, it is a lovely dessert.
Belinda said…
Dave, I love the idea of it being an "accidental mess." It makes me think of the joke whenever something goes wrong, "I meant to do that!" Ha ha. However it came to be, it is a lovely dessert.
Anonymous said…
A wee note for Paul - the GI Diet is wonderful. It has kept me off meds and good A1C's for 4 years now. GI- glycemic index. Sugar is in everything - ketchup, sauces, crackers...but watch for compensations - high fat and high salt. All the best - it is a tough journey and it is so hard to be good - I know.
Belinda said…
Hi Anon,
Thanks for the advice on the GI diet. I can well imagine that would work well. I adopted the Dukan diet when I got back from England at the end of January, where I had read the book. We eat one of Dr. Dukan's oat bran galettes for breakfast every day--high fibre and protein, and it is very similar to the GI diet in other ways too. I have lost my "excess baggage" and continue to follow the basic principles of the diet, which has rid me of the cravings that I've lived with all my life! :)
I'm wild about the photos for this post, especially the ones with the lamps. They came out so well and captured a wonderfully warm and cozy setting!
P.S. I love the "Eton Mess" since many of the concoctions in my kitchen end up being called "Such-and-such Mess"....and tasting great, despite appearance!

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