Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lollipop Lady Extraordinaire

Note: for this story to make sense, please read previous post!

By Belinda

Speaking of Lollipop men--or women, our friends, Chris, Eileen and Nel-Rose Ashton drove all the way down from Kendal, in the Lake District to visit today. Eileen is indeed a Lollipop lady.

"I get fan mail, you know," said Eileen with a smile. Envelopes arrive with messages saying, "Thank you for keeping me safe," and "I love you." Not every job elicits such appreciation or adoration.

For a job that is paid at minimum wage, the responsibility and risk is huge. Traffic is supposed to stop at the raising of the lollipop, but doesn't always. Imagine the daily pressure. 

I remember when Eileen first took over from the previous lollipop lady. That lady's lollipop used to change colours in her imagination daily and the children would ask Eileen each day, "What colour is your lollipop today?" It was all too much! Eileen's no nonsense lollipop changes colour only once a week! :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha - missed your previous posting and lauched into this. Just couldn't figure out how a woman handing out lollipop's had a stressful job!! Was it some project? Was there medication in it? Honestly - if you read the post thinking candy - it still sort of makes sense. Then I scrolled down to the earlier post. Ah-ha - one of those terms not used in my neck of the woods. Like the "boot" for trunk. Had me going for a while. I really couldn't imagine the daily pressure...ha ha ha.

Belinda said...

Ha ha Anonymous. I should have said, "Please see previous post," by way of explanation. :)

Anonymous said...

That is thoughtful of you - but really, I am the daft one - in more ways than one! I was a crossing guard in elementary school - so I guess I was the "lollipop kid"! :-)