Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Close!

By Belinda

Irene and I went out for dinner tonight to celebrate the achievement of a huge goal in her life. 

That would have been fun enough, but I told her about my adventures the other day with the Liver Bites. Remember now, Irene is the friend who reminds me of Judge Judy, she of caustic and quick wit.

When I told her about the woman who had covetously eyed my cart  full of Liver Bites and asked if I'd taken them all, Irene said, "I would have said, 'Yes I did, but I'll sell you one for forty bucks and you won't even have to buy a Costco membership!'" 

And when I got to the part of the story where I got to the check out and the packer said, "You've got a dog!" Irene, on a roll now, said she'd have replied with a straight face, "No. What makes you think that? These are for my Aunt Beulah, she loves these things!"

Oh my! :)

I forgot to mention that underneath the Liver Bites are six packages of President's Choice Chocolatey Chai Tea for our friend Chris, who LOVES it. I do too, but can buy it here whenever I run out but I've never seen it in England.

Tonight on the way home, I stopped at Sobey's for some Dare Maple Leaf Creme Cookies for various friends. Paul doesn't know it yet but there are four packages in his case.  We shall pack and weigh, and if I need to offload some of this cargo of goodies for canines and humans, the worst that can happen is that I'll have some for when we get home.

I used to take Dutch stroopwafels for Rob as he loved them and I could buy them here in Sobey's, but now, thank goodness, he can get them at Sainsbury's.

This time tomorrow I should be seated next to Paul on a plane and on the way to the West Midlands in the U.K. where they have been having a cool and soggy summer so far! I must squeeze in some warm clothes--if I can find room.


swissdebbie said...

hm, can you find at least a place to put a few panties in your suitcase?
I have found small stroopwafels in my local supermarket here but there are 2 supermarkets outside of Alicante where you can get dutch things like stroop, hagelslag etc.but normally I am doing fine with the spanish food...and there is a McDonalds nearby....
greetings to Rob&Bruce.

Dave Hingsburger said...

We always take the maple leaf cookies over with us - they are a huge hit - and the bonus is, once they are off loaded there, there's room to pack stuff to take home! You'll be able to shop like mad.

mercygraceword said...

Have a wonderful trip Belinda!


IraMay said...

Stay safe, have a wonderful time of making memories and remember...when customs opens your bags and want to know who all those treats are for...look inocent and say "what treats?, look at Paul and say "What did you pack????" Phahahahaha

Belinda said...

Deb! Thank you for reminding me what else I need to pack! Ha ha.

Belinda said...

Dave--I shall take your comment as permission to "shop like mad!" I love it.

Belinda said...

Thank you for the good wishes Deb-who-lives-in-Canada. Big hug!

Belinda said...

And dear friend IraMay (a.k.a. Judge Judy) I am so glad you told me what to say in advance this time! Ha ha. Now I'll be baiting customs officers--ask me--just ask me! :)

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