Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Day in Alvechurch

By Belinda

We are here in Alvechurch! 

And I am here with just a few words, and photos of our first day, spent in a haze of jet lag. But I revived long enough to use my camera here and there!

We landed early in the morning and Rob was at Birmingham Airport to meet us.  

I was anticipating another of the "firsts" that I have experienced since Mum died. Seeing her flat for the first time and not being able to open the door and walk in was something I have thought about often, wondering how it would feel.  I have asked Rob a number of questions about the new tenant. He has no idea that in my mind he is "The Interloper," poor guy! Nothing personal--anyone but her in that place full of personal and precious memories would have that effect on me.

We drove through gray morning drizzle from the airport (check out the Alvechurch Web Cam on the left side of the blog just below my photo and you'll be able to check out the weather here--thank you Susan for finding the web-cam.)

As we rounded the corner from Tanyard Lane into Tanyard Close I held my breath, looking towards number 2. It looked so pretty! I have never seen a more beautifully cared for plot of land in front of a flat in "the close." Instantly all was well! It looked sufficiently different that I didn't feel as though Mum could possibly still be inside, and so lovingly tended that I couldn't begrudge "The Caretaker" (note: identity changed in a heartbeat) an inch of his hallowed home! 

Funny how God works these things out so perfectly. :)


Anonymous said...

So glad God held your heart.

Susan said...

Why it's just like a little memorial garden! :)