Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Final Night with the Boys!

  By Belinda

Tim and John, our nephews came over to say goodbye tonight as we leave early in the morning.

Here Bruce was playing with Tim, a favourite game where he rolls a ball back and forth to whoever will play!

 Rob said that this angle made him look far bigger than he is.

So I tried another angle (below) :) There's just a lot of him to love. :)

 Paul helped Bruce find a kong that had disappeared behind the television set.

It has been so good to be here for these two weeks that have flown so fast. I am grateful for the many happy memories that will travel with me. 

The next time I post will be from home!


Dave Hingsburger said...

It was wonderful travelling with you. Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

I know John will miss ya - and the boys - but probably Bruce most of all! ha ha Thanks for sharing your adventures. Welcome home.

Susan said...

That's a LOTTA male companionship! You'll be glad to see "the girls", I'll bet!

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Please remember supper is at my place. You do not need to cook -- cake and ice cream for dessert


Belinda said...

Hi Jane! Yes, I will be at your place--so grateful that I'm not cooking this week.