Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Day Laughter

By Belinda

I have been out for many walks with Bruce already, down village streets old and new, camera always at the ready.

Yesterday afternoon, I passed the relatively new Alvechurch Middle School. The one I attended many years ago (1959-1961) Alvechurch Church of England School, is two generations and locations removed from the current school on the Birmingham Road.

We arrived at the school just as it had ended for the summer holidays, (much later than in North America,  but there are more vacations throughout the school year) and we found ourselves in the middle of flocks of skipping and running children, energized by the sense of freedom that the last day of school infused them with. The uniform bright red sweaters and red gingham dresses that ran like a river down the road will be put away until September now. Parents carried armloads of "projects" and crafts home with them.

The crossing guard; known as a "lollipop man," here; was having great fun with the children who passed him and his sign. A gray haired, energetic looking grandfatherly man, with twinkling blue eyes behind his glasses, and a deadpan expression, he played the same joke on each child that passed by. "See you on Monday," he called out, enjoying gently teasing each new little victim.

"Oh, no you won't!" they said.

"Oh, yes I WILL," he laughed back--in British pantomime mode, everyone enjoying the joke thoroughly. 

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Susan said...

"The lollipop man", hey? Much better than boring old "crossing guard"! :)

Sounds like a great walk. It's great to have the updates and see the photos in nearly real time. Gotta love technology! :)