Saturday, July 28, 2012


By Belinda

I wrote a couple of days ago about Rob speaking Bruce's thoughts out loud and thought, "How do I explain that to readers?" 

I thought I'd share a couple of examples from this morning! 

I had been to The Meadows and was telling Rob about six dogs of various breeds and sizes, who were there with their owners in a group, all of the dogs in high spirits and running around in circles, playing with one another. 

Rob went into Bruce-speak mode on behalf of Bruce, who was sitting close by, "I would love to join in," he said, "but my breeding comes out, I can't help it."

Later, as Bruce jumped to attention and full bark in response to the sound of another dog beyond the open window of the flat--as he does numerous times throughout the day and evening, Rob/Bruce said, "I've got to let them know there's a dog here, or they'll think they can come and get my people." :)

Hearing my tall brother with deep and booming voice, speaking for Bruce is funny. I told him that he could write scripts for Wallace and Gromit

On a different Bruce-note, yesterday morning we were walking through the church yard. Suddenly the church bells started pealing and rang for several minutes, stopping as suddenly, with two single, slow, "bohms." I wondered if it was a bell ringer catching up with some extra practice at first. I had checked my watch and it was just after 8.10 when they started. 

When I arrived at the flat, where the build up of the Olympics was playing on the TV, I realized that in synchronization, the bells across the country rang at exactly 8.12, as Big Ben chimed in the  2012 Olympics. How exciting that I was in the grounds of St. Laurence Church at that very moment!


Anonymous said...

How very intuative of you to be able to "dog speak" for Bruce. I do it all the time with my dog - you can read their body language and facial expressions. Kudos for tuning in so quickly. I'm sure Bruce appreciates it...or perhaps it is just the liver treats speaking...ha ha.

Cool you are over there for the Olympic fever. Enjoy.

swissdebbie said...

...ever heard of Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, he rehabilitates the dog and educates the master....
I'm sure Bruce would agree....

Belinda said...

Ha ha, Anonymous and Debbie, I thought for sure that everyone reading this post would think for sure (if they had any lingering doubts) that we are a truly nutty family. I'm glad that we aren't alone in our love of dogs and our funny and crazy way of relating to them.

Belinda said...

Oh, and Deb, yes, I have heard of Cesar and love his program.