Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Excitement

Note from Belinda

The sadness at leaving Rob on our last day here is softened by excitement at another event that I am so thrilled to point readers to. 

My dear friend Dave, known to many readers here through his frequent comments and occasional guest posts, invited me to write an article with him for the August edition of a newsletter for direct care professionals: Service, Support and Success. 

The article is titled: Faith, Freedom and Fealty: Supporting People with Disabilities to Live Freely.  

Please see Dave's post: August Newsletter is Out for details on how to order a copy and subscribe to the newsletter, which comes out monthly. Just 

If you work supporting people, or know anyone who does, you will find the newsletter  excellent reading.

Working on this article with Dave was a highlight of my writing life so far, although rather than being the lead writer as Dave generously says on his blog, I had the supporting role!

I felt God's energy flowing through all of it and know that God used us to write something that will make a difference in the lives of those who need support and those who have the job of supporting.

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Anonymous said...

Good on ya! Being a reader of Dave as well - I know he is the type of person who wouldn't ask if he didn't have confidence - and will appreciate your knowledge shared. (Yet another confirmation from the Lord about writing, right?!?!)