Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Arriving Early...Later--or Whatever

By Belinda

This was my day yesterday. If anyone out there is bored with life, just come join me in mine. It is very exciting. :)

Before going to work this morning I looked at three bananas on the verge of being over ripe and quickly peeled them and mixed them with eggs, oil and sugar, then put them in the fridge for later, to add dry ingredients and make banana muffins. I came home from a day at work with the knowledge that also waiting in the fridge was a 6lb package of ground beef, that I had bought several days earlier and which needed to be made into two large cell group casseroles.

But first when I got home I asked Paul if he wanted to watch a movie I had ordered online and been waiting to watch--I needed to decompress. He was okay with that, so while we ate supper we watched it. 

I emerged from our TV room at 7.40 with trays of dinner dishes in hand, ready to tackle the muffins and two giant shepherd's pies. The thought of muffins triggered an alarming thought in my head. Writers Nest!!! (Writers Nest is the writing group that meets in our home, monthly.)

I glanced at the front door--not a soul in sight--praise the Lord! I quickly threw the dinner dishes into the dishwasher and put on a pot of coffee--just in case--but God had mercy on me. It had never happened before that not one person came to Writers Nest but I was so glad that tonight, we were all on the same page. "Perhaps it was the long weekend mixing us all up," I thought. 

Long weekend? No, that was LAST weekend, I just realized--it's only Monday. TOMORROW is Writers Nest!! 

Today it IS Tuesday and my heart palpitations have calmed. I'm SO looking forward to seeing my friends tonight.

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