Sunday, July 08, 2012

Arriving Alive

By Belinda

I stepped out onto our north facing deck early one recent morning having passed by my laptop with a cup of fragrant black coffee in hand. 

In the dappled light I sat, with the cooing of doves and the chatter of birds filling the air, along with the whoosh of cars from the nearby highway. The magnolia tree rustled her petticoats in the morning breeze, and as I reached for my journal and pen I heard an inner voice affirming that I had got something right.

What I got right was making a choice to hear from heaven before the world of other voices. Why is that even a question each day? And yet it is and daily I struggle to keep things in my life in right order.

When I succeed in getting it right, it shows. In all I say and do and even think; it shows.

After writing these lines in my journal, I opened my Jesus Calling devotional. It was July the 6th, and part of that days short reading says this:
Listen to me above the clamor of voices trying to distract  you. Ask my Spirit to control your mind, for He and I work in perfect harmony.
 I heard somewhere recently that the best gift we can give to our co-workers each day, is to arrive at work having been with Jesus; having listened to his voice; being filled with his Spirit and bringing his peace into every situation that will cross our path. 

I know that to be true. I don't know why it doesn't always happen. I want to arrive alive at the office each day--alive to him!


Susan said...

Arrive alive. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Often I feel that the whole world of folks are morning people. I hardly know my name when I get up and if I arrive at work with matching socks and my underwear NOT inside out - it is a good day.

I'd love to start my day in peaceful contemplation - but besides and "good morning Lord - and thank you for another day" I move on. I feel I should give the Lord my best - and believe me - morning ain't it!!

Being a night owl - we do have long conversation - which I love. Yet I have secretly yearned for those sweet early moments - for I feel I often play catch-up rather that start-up.

Savor the sweetness of it Belinda.

I am so glad the Lord neither sleeps or slumbers - He is never bored and nothing shakes His throne. So I'm sure He's ok with it. :-)

Belinda said...

Dear Anon,
God apparently "does not slumber or sleep," so I think he's on it 24 hours a day! He probably worked it out that we weren't all clamouring at his door (or waiting with quiet persistence) at the same time of day!:) I'm joking of course, for it doesn't matter at all to him, I'm sure, but only to us! We all have our personal inner clock and he who made us knows it.

I laughed at your measure of a "good day"! :)

Brave Raven said...

Sometimes if I haven't had prayer time during the day, I get woken up in the middle of the night. It's "Dad" trying to teach his kid some discipline. It's as if He's saying, "NOW, do you have time to talk, kid?" Believe me, the next morning I am more than happy to spend some quiet time.

Marilyn said...

"The best gift to give....."....a lovely post and the title is marvelous!

This led me to consider the "dead spots in my life," to look around for patches that are like the brown patches of grass in the lawn at the moment. Are there any? I don't have to look hard. Yes.

Have I failed to arrive ALIVE for those relationships, tasks, whatever? Thank you for prompting these thoughts.

Belinda said...

Dear Marilyn,
May fresh, living green spring up through those brown patches.

Lifting up in prayer, you and yours.