Friday, December 16, 2011


By Belinda

The house is smells like a feast is underway but it's just me, coping with my Mother of the Bride jitters.When I'm tense I work. I had two big parties at our house this week--one involving a turkey and the other a ham--so this afternoon I began simmering a huge turkey roaster full of a ham bone; yellow split peas; carrots; onions and celery, while on the stove, a stock pot holding a turkey carcass; onion and celery, likewise bubbled away.

I made four apple pies once the simmering was underway and I could hear the vacuum running downstairs. Brenda copes with stress by vacuuming!

Later in the evening Susan and Ron dropped off a gorgeous gingerbread church with stained windows made from melted candies. Their daughter Christy makes these fabulous creations and this was a labour of love.

Kevin, Brenda and I took it with us to Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club with the other decorations for tomorrow.

Paul was out at a concert that he and the missions committee had organized at a seniors home in the next town; a fund raiser for the local food bank.

This is Sheena, the woman who coordinates the special event planning at Sleepy Hollow. A lovely woman, warm, capable and committed to making every occasion as wonderful as it can be!

So many people are praying for us as a family. We are grateful for every prayer.

And now to bed!

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