Wednesday, December 07, 2011

By Belinda

God has a way of tying so many things together. I love it!

On Friday I wrote a blog post about our agency gala, at which Justin Hines was the guest singer the night before. To share his music I posted two You Tube clips of his songs. One of them was called Courage, which showed people who had faced adversity and had not or were not, giving up. Almost at the end of the clip was a man who was not named, but whose daughter, the caption said, was abducted 12 years ago. It said she was still missing.

That very day, Friday December 2nd, the breaking news was about a man named Joe Chisholm, whose 18 year search for his missing daughter had just come to an end. I didn't it together until tonight, when I listened to the song again and was sure they were the same man. Indeed they are--the song was recorded six years ago, which explains the difference in years!

How wonderful to watch that video clip and see the man, who six years ago didn't know if he would ever see his daughter again, and know that his long search is over at last. What a Christmas gift.

On another note, I truly will be writing again soon. I miss it so much, but have accepted that the days are not going to get longer, so I have to do the sane thing and sacrifice this beloved activity when extra time  is needed for many the parties, writing cards, wrapping presents and preparing for a very important wedding on December 17th!

I will write as much as I can and catch up when the dust settles!


Theresa said...

What an amazing coincidence. I read a quote once that said " A coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous." I have to agree.

I heard the daughter is not sure if she wants to meet with her father. I hope they are able to mend the past.

Those two videos made me cry. What a gifted singer he is. That was the first I had heard of him. Love the "say what you will" song. Beautiful.

Belinda said...

Theresa--that's what I thought too about the coincidence.

Yes, Justin is an amazing artist--and if you go to You Tube and check out the remix of the song Say What You Will, with the African singers--Wow! I didn't post that version because I've posted it before, but it is amazing.