Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Belle of the Ball

By Belinda

I don't even know her proper name. She's Kevin's grandmother, of proud Russian stock, whom I've really only come to know as Baba. I heard about her long before I met her. She sort of grew into a kind of legend as Brenda came home with tales of Baba and her growing affection for her.

She is formidable and feisty--and, like Brenda, I can't help but love her too.

Can't you just tell from the look in her eye that she is a force to be reckoned with? Since all of my friends fit that description I was predestined to be drawn to her zest and sheer "life!"

Would you guess that she is 87?!

When we were all planning our wedding attire, I asked Tina, Kevin's equally vivacious mom, if Baba had her dress.

She laughed in a way that said there was a story to be told. Sure enough, Baba's dress had hung in her closet for some time, about 50 years! It still had it's original pricey price tag. It had been bought by her own mom-- and never worn. Baba tried it on and it was perfect.

After the wedding dinner, when the dancing began, Baba took to the dance floor with her walker. And she danced up a storm!

You can tell from the photos that Tina has some of the Baba spirit.

When I grow up I want to have some Baba in me. :)


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