Saturday, October 08, 2011

When You're Tempted to Give Up

Note by Belinda: I hope that sharing Marilyn's post this way works! It inspired me, on our Thanksgiving weekend, to be thankful, for rest.

When You’re Tempted to Give Up

by Marilyn
IN 90-DEGREE HEAT of a late July afternoon I hit the 500-mile mark. Fighting the heat was nothing compared to fighting the desire to give up on the goal - 1,000 miles on the bike this year. * * * When I began in March I imagined seeing 500 on the odometer and being thrilled, but [...]
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Susan said...

This inspired ME this morning too when I read it on Marilyn's blog. I'm glad you shared it...

ADR said...

Thanks, Belinda. Just what I needed to see this morning.

Belinda said...

Dear Susan and ADR--so glad you were cheered by Marilyn's post!