Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Liver has Landed

By Belinda

When I  visited Rob and Mum in July, I wanted to take a treat for my furry friend Bruce; the outwardly ferocious but inwardly sloppy Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

I couldn't take the Chewmaster Chicken Strips that Molson adores because they were too heavy, so I found a lighter Chewmaster option--Liver Bites. The whole bag only weighed 500gram--about 1 pound.

When I first unpacked them and showed them to Rob, he looked very serious, virtuously pursing his lips and saying, "I don't know, Belinda, I don't want him putting on weight." And he set a limit of  four a day.

I pointed out that they were only 8 calories each, but was very faithful in adhering to this instruction, even if each piece felt like a weightless piece of air as I carefully doled them out.

Bruce loved them from the first wiff--and learned to catch them in mid air in his salivating alligator jaws.

Rob, who loves Bruce to bits, was a pushover and forgot all about the four a day limit. I mean, this is the dog who sits beside him and Mum as they eat and just about wills the food off their plates. I steadfastly refused to give in to the intense stare. Rob holds with the theory that dogs do this because they have been conditioned from ancient times to eat food from the hands of their master. "Not this master," I thought! I hold with the theory that what is on my plate is mine--call me a meanie if you wish. :) However I am the Doggie Treat Fairy.

Since I left, Rob has been carefully rationing them out. Bruce has grown in his love for them and knows exactly where they are on top of the kitchen cupboard. Two weeks ago Rob told me that he was down to the bottom two inches in the bottom of the bag and said, "Belinda he sits by the cupboard and just STARES at the bag."

I said, "Well, then I will have to get him some more!"

"For when you come over again?" Rob asked.

"No, I mean to send."

"Really Belinda?" said Rob, and you would have thought I had promised him the world.

Rob is so content with little, that it is always hard for me to find anything to add to his happiness in the realm of gifts, so I was thrilled to find a small thing to bless his heart. Something for Bruce means more to him than anything for himself.

I went out that afternoon to Costco and got the Liver Bites, packaged them up in white biodegradable plastic bags bound with festive packaging tape and addressed it to "Bruce" c/o Rob Cater.  Last Monday the package left Canada by air.

On Saturday when we chatted I asked if the parcel had arrived. It hadn't, but Rob was so surprised that it was already on the way. I was sure it would arrive on Monday, and sure enough on Monday morning, just before I left for work, Rob called excitedly to tell me the treasure had arrived.

He said that Bruce helped unwrap the package and that he knew what it was.

"Belinda," he said, "I wish you could have seen him. His eyes were on STALKS!"

And I have been laughing ever since at that mental image, as well as carrying a ton of joy in my heart at making Rob's day.


Susan said...

Liver bites and apple pie.

YOU are the QUEEN of "hitting the right spot". :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

When we travelled we always picked up treats for the 'boys' to bring home. It was a surprise to know that every region of every country we were in offered at least one or two different treats. We thought that the 'boys' would be happier knowing that at least when we go back there would be something new for them to taste. We could never tell because they celebrated as if they'd won the worlds biggest lottery every time we came home, either gone five minutes or gone five days.

swissdebbie said...

Go Bruce....every dog needs to have a kind auntie!

Belinda said...

Dear friends (cousin Deb) isn't it true that being the cause of extreme joy for others is more joyful for us than them? And dogs are over the top in being joyful as Dave so rightly pointed out. They are gifts to our overall wellbeing: mentally; physically; emotionally and spiritually. I love those crazy; unfiltered; happy; enthusiastic; forgiving and perceptive furry creatures.

Lynn said...

I love your stories..I find a kind of quiet contentment when I read them.
Thanks for sharing your precious treasures!

Belinda said...

Dear Lynn,
Thank you so much for that fine compliment which makes me happy. I was thinking today that a happy corner of the world with small things to make us smile is a gift from God no less than a sigh of wind in the treetops! I am happy to be part of the chorus of joy.

Janet Sketchley said...

Smiling for you and Bruce and Rob. The simple things can bring so much pleasure.

And I echo what Lynn said about the quiet contentment you're sharing. We need more of this!

Brave Raven said...

Loved this post!! A care package for Bruce! I would be willing to bet that he knew exactly who sent it and remembered you fondly, wishing he had words.

Belinda said...

Thank you Janet and Brave Raven! Dogs sure do warm the heart.