Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Looking Forward Time

By Belinda

I am quiet here at the moment in direct proportion to the steady hum of busyness getting ready to leave for England on Monday afternoon.

My hair and nails are freshly done!

I talked to Mum and Rob on Saturday and we laughed with joy at the thought of tea together on Tuesday morning.

I have a pile of books on my dresser and I know I can't take them all!

I still have to:
Complete some work early tomorrow morning so that I can leave with a clear conscience
Create some order in the loft room, which is a disaster
Take a few deep breaths!

I will write more again once I get to England--stay tuned for more Alvechurch chronicles.


Anonymous said...

Belinda, the gentleman passed away at about 5:30 p.m.


Susan said...

I like it. The "looking forward time". That's exactly what it is and makes me think about what I'm looking forward to. Your coming back!

Have the best, most blessed visit home ever! And love to Mum, Robert and Bruce, of course. (Don't forget to tell him about my three little kittens - if he puts his Kong down long enough to listen. Two ginger and white, and one calico!)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Can't wait for more chronicles direct from the land of childhood. I still remember driving into Alvechurch and being struck by the beauty of the village. I'll be happy to think of you there.

Belinda said...

Jane, My heart goes out to his wife, especially since they were together for over 60 years.

I'm so glad you were there to support them through this time of parting, and that God gave you exactly what it took to communicate God's love to that man.

Belinda said...

Oh Susan, I'm not sure I want to tell Bruce about three kittens! :) He will likely turn my case inside out looking for them. :)

I am carrying much love with me to Mum, and a big bag of Chewmaster 100% beef liver treats for Bruce (they are supposed to be only 8 calories each--I ask you--dogs are counting now?)

Belinda said...

Dave, I will think of you as we turn towards the village at the roundabout, thinking of your journey there last October. How cool that was.