Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding Peace

By Belinda
It was during Sunday's worship practice that I turned to Frances, who had moved last Friday to the house of her dreams in the country, and said, "I don't know where you are any more!"

She understood immediately what I meant; my sense of disconnection; not knowing where to place her in my thoughts. I had seen the photos of the house on Face Book, but it wasn't like seeing the house in context of its surroundings.

"Come and see it after church," said Frances and included Susan in the invitation and on the spur of the moment we took her up on her invitation.

Frances and Brian had moved from a home that they had made beautiful, in a subdivision in Alliston, but both of them longed for the country and wide open spaces. A next door neighbour with a penchant for noisy hot tub parties that went into the wee small hours added to the sense of urgency.

When they found the house in Mansfield, 20 minutes from their home in Alliston they fell in love with it.

It needs fixing up, which made it affordable, but both of them are still YOUNG! Susan and I looked at one another as we left, happy for our friends and happy for ourselves too, that we were not the fixer uppers! :)

When I arrived home at 3.30, there was a message on our answering machine, left just 25 minute earlier by my dear friend Dave. He and Joe were passing by on the highway, and they have a ritual of calling every time they pass by the Bond Head exit.

"Hello," called his breezy voice, "We're passing your house and just had to call!"

I immediately called them back, and we chatted and laughed for a few minutes. Then, and this is the real point of all of this, he asked me if I had read his niece Shannon's latest blog post. I love Shannon's writing but I hadn't read the post so I went there right away when I got off the phone. I read the post she'd written and it spoke to my heart, reminding me of things I knew and had forgotten, that very morning as it happens.

I share a link here to the post on her blog, Half Soled Boots, so that you can go there too, if you like. You will find it worth your time to read it. Enjoy; take in its truth--and peace be with you.

Half Soled Boots: Peace Be With You


Dave Hingsburger said...

Thank you for highlighting Shannon's wonderful blog!! I am firmly committed to make sure that you two meet.

Belinda said...

Can't wait Dave. I feel like I already know her heart!