Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Day

By Belinda

Last Saturday I wrote a post entitled Last Day but during the next week it seemed that over and over I heard the words, "It's a new day." Each time, the words were spoken with energy, hope and resolve. What a gift a "new day" is. We all need New Days--turning points; pivotal moments in our lives that are as unscripted as a brand new journal, fresh as newly fallen snow.

I've had a few New Days and I hope for more. I spent some time today reflecting on some of mine and was going to write about them, but I think the point I want to make is that I'm grateful that they exist at all.

I am thankful that we are Works in Progress and that a relationship with God is dynamic, vibrant, intimate and filled with hope.

I sometimes think of the twelve men who were Jesus's first intimates, What did he see in them? What does he see in us? I can tell you.. He sees possibility. He sees what we can be when we turn in our cards; "give up:" have a "Last Day;" Surrender All. Just like the disciples who remained after Jesus's crucifixion, and stood on the brink of the ultimate New Day, They emptied themselves and were filled with the Holy Spirit and that was when people saw something inexplicable in human terms--courage where there had been fear; boldness where there had been weakness; love and sacrifice and changed lives. Change is possible. We are Possibilities in Waiting. God is waiting, just waiting for us to be empty enough for him. I am in for that kind of New Day.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bel-Q. Sign me up. I feel like I may have landed here (at this junction) kicking and screaming,because there are things I don`t want to let go of, but I KNOW God is asking me to choose right now.There is only one choice.My only comfort now is knowing He is the one that brings about change.Not me.I`m willing,Lord.Now,disregard Lord, all that screaming and desires and a walk that sometimes doesn`t match the talk and do what we both know I really want you to do.And God help me.Poppy

Susan said...

I am amazed, having had my own "last day" in the last couple of weeks how quickly I can fill myself up when things start to go better and circumstances improve. I pray that God keeps me empty... empty at least of anything that comes out of my own strength, my own wisdom, my own resolve...

It's a new day! Yeah, such hopeful words. And true.

orchid said...

Hello Belinda

It is indeed a new season and I give thanks for the ability God has given you to share your thoughts and insights from the word of knowledge.