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The Dream Says it All

By Belinda

We sat across the breakfast table sharing notes on how we slept. Don't laugh, we are ageing Baby Boomers, this is what we do at breakfast! :)

"I was awake on and off all night," said Paul, "I kept having the same dream. We were at the airport, leaving for Israel; workers were laying tiles and focusing on getting them straight, but they were blocking our way to the ticket counter. And I was worried that we hadn't collected the things we were taking for the new Jewish settlers in Israel."

(Then came the clincher, the part that sums up the truth of our relationship!)

"And," he said,"I couldn't find my passport, and you kept saying, 'Don't worry, it will be all right. They applaud people who forget their passports!'"



Marilyn said…
Hahahaha. I love that you shared the dream and I can't wait to see how things unfold, what comes.
Susan said…
Haha! That's funny. Moreso because I had my own dream this weekend about showing up at the Missions Committee Meeting and being told I was NOT welcome (something about being a lazy do-nothing, or something along those lines).

"They applaud people who forget their passports.." :) Mmhhmm. I hope they applaud lazy do-nothings, too! :)
Anonymous said…
Ah yes, only $85.00 to replace the lost passport -- and of course the affidavit to declare that it was indeed lost ... I know things about lost passports!
Susan said…
Hi Anonymous. How're things in Indiana? :)
Belinda, that is so you! I know you'd like to live in a world where people applauded foibles!

Susan, you need to learn to thwack nasty dream people ... dreams are the only place where you can smack a nasty in the belly with a wet fish and not get charged with assault (or animal cruelty).

Anon, I really hope that I never have to fork out that 85 bucks! Some things are best learned through other's experiences.
Susan said…
Thwack! Thwack, thwack, thwack!

There. That feels better!

Thwack! Thwack, thwack! Whoops, I think I'm getting a little carried away...
Belinda said…
Ha ha, you are all too funny! I think that he got the applause into the dream because Dutch people do applaud the pilot when the plane lands safely. I don't know what they do when it doesn't--possibly go "Thwack, thwack, thwack!" :)
Susan said…
Don't tell Paul I thwacked him! Pleeeeeease! :)
King Money said…
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Anonymous said…
Dear Bel-Q Where to begin?The obvious,anxiety about accomplishing everything for the trip that Paul had envisioned, sure, but I love how it's workers that are in the way-Paul tries to give to them,these good people who are only trying to do a good job(but are still,at the end of the day,hindering him).But then,as you say,the clincher,Paul's need for applause,too funny!!!My tile-"Dreams Interpreted and Told by Poppy"
Theresa said…
LOL "dutch people applaud the pilot when the plane lands safely. I don't know what they do when it doesn't" TOO funny!
Anonymous said…
I know what Dutch people do when it doesn't land safely ... hide under wooden shoes and scream.
Belinda said…
Dear Anonymous,
Hide under wooden shoes and scream? Haha!

I sure have laughed at everyone's comments and Poppy's dream interpretation. :)My cheeks are hurting from smiling so much and that has got to be a good thing!

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