Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Weekend Yay!

By Belinda
We were in for the night. It was Friday and we landed happily on the shores of the weekend. Friday evenings always feel like the start of something good.

Relaxation seeped into body and soul as I heated our supper in the microwave--lasagne left over from cell group the night before--no work at all.

"I got some movies," called Paul from the den.

"Perfect!" I shouted back above the whir of the microwave.

We settled down in from of the tv with our suppers on trays and watched Letters to Juliet with the beautiful Lynn Redgrave. It was the perfect Friday night movie--so romantic!

Brenda was out so we brought Molson upstairs, and he curled up between us, content to be with part of his "pack."

When the movie ended at about 9.00, though, he was unusually restless. We'd all had a busy day and he hadn't had a walk, but now we took pity on him. We had bought reflective vests for walking at night a while ago, but hadn't tried them out yet. So we bundled up against the cold night and put our vest on over everything else, thinking that it was a good thing it was dark and no one could see us, although that is the purpose of the vests.

The village was unusually quiet, except for a small group of teens who called out "hello" as they swirled across a dark deserted street like windblown leaves.
Molson has a friend named Sidney; a big curly, light haired golden retriever who is often tied out on the lawn at the front of his house.

As we rounded a bend and got close to his house, Molson started to cry softly as he always does. To our surprise, there was Sidney, out in the cold, dark night, sitting on the lawn.

Both dogs perked up at the sight of the other. We went with Molson across the road, and he went  up to Sidney, tail wagging, and both of them, instead of a meet and greet, did a dance and prance, posturing playfully. That done, Molson was good to go and we set out again on the rest of the walk.

It was a minute or two before I realized that Paul wasn't with us. I looked back. He was still on the front lawn with Sidney, talking to the old dog and stroking him. This is so unlike Paul, who really isn't as into dogs as I am. But every now and then he surprises me completely.

And this is another reason why I love him.

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