Thursday, November 25, 2010

There are days when you just have to knuckle down and make a stew for cell group and balance the family budget. Well tonight that's what I needed to do. So friends, I am missing in action today, but tomorrow, when it is Friday with Susan, I think that you will also find a post by me on my dear friend Marilyn Yocum's blog As Good a Day as Any; a contribution to her "Someday" project. In fact, today, since I have nothing to say worth writing down :) why don't you pop over for a visit the day before my post is up? I recommend it for a few minutes happily spent.
Happy Thursday!


Dave Hingsburger said...

I'm just sitting here stewing waiting for my next serving if WHS. Hmmmm, hope there's dumplings.

Belinda said...

Ha ha ha!:) Dumplings sound so very yummy. I haven't made those in a very long time. I hope the cell group members aren't reading these comments or expectations will be flying high. :)

Anonymous said...

dumplings .... dumplings .... never even thought about dumplings !!!!

that's okay, the bread, in my opinion, was better than dumplings!