Sunday, November 14, 2010

By Way of Explanation

By Belinda

My dear mother-in-law just called to check in on her need for a ride to church this morning and after chatting about my mum, with whom she is dear friends; she said, "So, you've had pressure this week?"

I stopped for only a second to think of how she would know that, but quickly realized that my missing blog posts was her clue. It made me realize that being "incommunicado" without explanation was not good. So I apologize to faithful readers who I know are out there, and hereby announce that I am back!

I treasure every one who honours this blog with a few minutes of reading time most days and never take lightly the fact that in a busy world, you choose to visit here. I had a very intense work week, that spilled over into the evenings, resulting in my being too tired to write. The busy week is past and I am so happy to have time to write again. I will start catching up with all that is stored up in my heart, brain and fingers, over the next few days. Thank you again for being out there to write to. Although I don't know many personally, I see familiar "locations" daily and wish I did know who you are. Anyway, I love and appreciate you. :)


Dave Hingsburger said...

Funny that you wrote this, just now I decided to check and see if there was a post and if there wasn't I was going to write you to see that all was ok. I was so glad to see that you are around and ok ... busy is good, less busy is better. I'm here in Ireland right now in a hotel that was built before the confederation of Canada!

Belinda said...

Oh, Dave, thank you for your care as a friend. God bless you in that Irish hotel. I hope they are treating you well.

Marilyn said...

How sweet your mother-in-law noticed!

Belinda said...

Marilyn, it meant so much to me that she noticed. It made my day. In fact through the blog she has got to know me so much better as a daughter in law! She even had a great laugh at my recent "bus stop encounter."

Anonymous said...

Although I don't know many personally, I see familiar "locations" daily and wish I did know who you are.

-- and for those of us who do know you personally, we are truly blessed!

Belinda said...

Dear Anonymous, :) thank you. And I wish I knew who you were so that I could say so personally.