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One Ontario Evening

By Belinda

I drive back to Bond Head after work, at the end of a long but good day, giving thanks that I get to call this place "home."

Ontario is steamy and hot as a tropical jungle--they say the heatwave will break by the weekend. I stop by the postoffice. It's after closing and I let myself in with my key. The vestibule is hung with paintings by the Bond Head Fine Arts Group. They are for sale, but each evening I pause in the empty room and admire them before unlocking my mail box. It's like a little gallery in there, with new additions every few days, and "sold" signs going up on some of them quickly.

Near the door  Laurie's Adirondack chair and folding table are stacked. Between serving customers and filling mail boxes she sits out in the sun and reads. She knows more about local history and local current gossip than anyone else and is always ready to engage a body in conversation. When she got pregnant last year; ten years after her last child; she announced it by glancing up at the sky and saying, "Credit where credit is due."

The post office is in part of the church hall, belonging to St. Catherine's Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Its parking lot overlooks fields and rolling hills and Highway 27 stretches north like a giant caterpillar. Every summer Friday afternoon, ladies from the church, fund raise by selling pies from a stand in a farm driveway at the side of the highway up on the hill. A sign announces, "Church Pies." They hope to catch the cottagers going north, or weary commuters going home for the weekend and in need of a treat.

I have plans for making pies too, tonight, with the pastry made last night and chilling in the fridge. In my hallway I find a note from a friend, "Dropped in to share good news," it says and joy spills from the paper decorated with hearts and from words circled in yellow highlighter, "Howie and I are engaged," and "I start work tomorrow...." I praise God out loud and laugh in delight.

Later, I roll pastry and slice apples, while listening to the radio, until Paul comes in with a new CD to share. It was "road trip music" from his recent journey north. Shawn, one of the young volunteers on the trip had the CD and Paul loved it. I put it on an loved it too. I declare it good culinary accompaniment music! Coldplay's, Rush of Blood to the Head!

Five pies assembled (not baked--too hot!) wrapped and put in the freezer, and I celebrate with a bowl of cherry vanilla icecream.

One Ontario evening "at home" and every minute enjoyed.


mmmmmmmm ... pie ...
Marilyn Yocum said…
This post had such a calming effect on me, like a Norman Rockwell painting. A slice of a day, a pocket of peace. Without having met any of the people mentioned, I love them all! How can that be, from simply words on a screen? Another nod to the power of words....and, I think, the eye of the writer who sees and captures.
Belinda said…
Thank you, friends, Dave and Marilyn.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!
Theresa said…
Those pies look divine!!!! The pictures betray how hot your house must have been last evening while cooking them,though. Coldplay has a lot of great songs. Your town sounds a lot like mine, except that our post office lady is something like the Soup Nazi off Seinfeld, but with mail!! LOL!!
Karebear said…
WooHoo! I hope Jen doesn't mind that this is how I found out about her good news! I haven't had a slice of pie in a long time... maybe I should drive out some Friday and pick up a piece of delicious.
Belinda said…
Ha ha Theresa! "Soup Nazi??" That is too funny. :)

And Karebear. I think that Jen won't mind at all that you know. Last I heard she was telling all and sundry and glowing from head to toe! :)

And as for pie--we're having some for dessert at cell group this Thursday. There's always room for one more person--even just for dessert. :)
Susan said…
Put your forks down, back away from the pie - slowly - and nobody gets hurt...
Anonymous said…
Pie at cell group! Nobody said there would be PIE this week!
Belinda said…
Aha, Anonymous Friend. Fear not, there is always more pie...:)

And Susan, Susan, calm yourself.:)

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