Monday, September 20, 2010

For Those So Moved

Note by Belinda

On Sunday I posted the story of a pastor in India, who is following God in a walk of faith that I can only begin to imagine; see,Faithful Followers

My dear friend and faithful reader, Dave , commented, "Maybe each of your readers could send ten dollars to your Uncle John to send along to the pastor, is that possible?"

I asked Uncle John, whose last day here was today, and he thought about it. He said that he thought he could send money to the pastor via Western Union.

Dave again wrote, "Let us know, it would be a privelege to assist the bird in the window ..." :)

So, dear readers, this is not a charitable organization and there will be no tax deductible receipts, but on simple trust, and only if God lays it on your heart to bless this pastor in India, who has to remain nameless, I am going to England on October 19th and I will get the funds to Uncle John who will send it via Western Union.

My address is Box 144, Bond Head, ON L0G 1B0, Canada

I will give an accounting of what is raised, here, before I leave in 4 weeks.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Thanks for the opportunity Belinda, we will give you the dough personally next Sunday.

Belinda said...

Thanks Dave! It will be fun to be part of a love bomb.