Friday, September 03, 2010

An Evening at Bond Head Cell Group

 Jen and Howie (with Neena in the background.) This was their FIRST engagement gift. Note the ring that Jen is subtly flashing! Congratulations Jen and Howie!!
 Shelby,  Hope, Brenda (the cross is on the pop bottle, not dangling from her ear as it appears) and our dear Susan.


 Belinda and Ann
Paul managed to avoid the photos and Jane, Barb, Michelle, Tippy and Tori were missing...and Molson (for supper time)  :) (Our Brenda was there but the photo wasn't so great!)


Brenda said...

Thanks for the photos,sis,and your wonderful apple pie with the Devon cream. We're having it again tonight! You're the best.....I'm asking Father if I can live near you in heaven!

Belinda said...

Hi Brenda, You are welcome! And--I think we will find one another in heaven. :)