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The Antidote for Computer Face

On Saturday, my brother Rob on the phone from England, asked me if we'd heard about, "Computer Face." I said "No," and "What is that?"

He explained that it's in the news over in England at the moment, the fact that people who stare at a computer for most of the day (that would include me) develop something called, "Computer Face."

Of course I wanted to know what that meant--my imagination was running rampant--and he said it's frown lines of concentration, and jowls. "Jowls??" I've got little ones forming. Maybe not so little, either! And all this time I thought it was to do with aging and now I find out it's Computer Face.

The antidote, apparently, is to have a mirror on the side of the computer, there to remind you to look up (and fight gravity) and not frown. A mirror on the side of my computer? I would never be able to concentrate on work again, not to mention scaring myself at odd moments. :)

I know of a better antidote for Computer Face; get a dog.I mean dogs make you smile; who can help it? They get ridiculously happy at the sight of you and go into throes of ecstasy at the mere hint of a walk; they are just plain funny.

 My friend Frances said that one of my blog posts about Molson reminded her of a Jane Siberry song, the one called, Everything Reminds Me of My Dog

I did as Frances suggested and looked up the lyrics to the song and they made me laugh. There was a line about reading the newspaper while her dog reads the wind, and another that asked: "What is it you want? Look at it. Do you want to go for a walk? Do you want a cookie?..."

That made me laugh too, when I thought about how it would look if people did that; just looked at what they want. Well, I guess we do that sometimes. :) But not like a dog does, with intense concentration!

Anyone reading this is obviously looking at a computer screen. Straighten up friends, stretch your neck and relax your brow, and look around for your closest friendly furry creature.

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