Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beauty of Jesus

By Belinda

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I was looking up the words to a hymn, Let the Beauty of Jesus be Seen in Me, and  the advertisement above popped up--no kidding. I'm considering placing an order!

While in England I have been reading a book by  a Canadian author, Jean Little, entitled, His Banner Over Me. Although it is supposed to be a children's book (ages 8-12!) I am thoroughly enjoying the book.

One of the things I love about it is that each chapter starts with the verse of a hymn. It reminds me of how the inspired words of hymns nourished my soul as a child. I read them like a devotional book and sang them sincerely as they gave words to my young journey of faith. This one, written by Albert Osborn, has been on my heart this morning:

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me
All His wonderful passion and purity
Oh, Thou Spirit divine, all my nature refine
Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me

This is my prayer, especially while here in England with my family. One family member has had a lot of hurt in his young life so far and gotten lost along the way. It feels as though he needs to feel and see God in someone more than he needs words, although if God gives me the right words and the moment, I am ready--but only if he does.

Looking for a video clip of the hymn on You Tube, I came across a young girl's video testimony of coming to faith. The change in her face, from "before Jesus" to "after Jesus," says it all. I have seen the light in someone's eyes change as dramatically and beautifully as this young girl's. He is real and he changes lives.

Today I lift up in prayer those in our lives who need Jesus.

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Suz said...

Wow! That was powerful.