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Seeing Eyes

By Belinda

I am grateful for seeing eyes. I see beauty all around me, even in strange things that might seem rather odd, like a ditch full of last year's dead leaves.

I also see connections; I see when God is at work. Mystical things happen and sometimes I just know that all will be well, even in situations that look scary.

One of these "miracles in the making" is happening right now. A story that will be told when the time is right (and when I have permission!:)) But what joy to see it happening and know that God is doing something wonderful and to be a witness to it.

And then tonight Paul and I were deep into a rather sappy movie. (Something kept us watching in spite of the fact that it seemed to have been made on a shoestring and some of the acting could have been better. It had a very heart warming story line and great ending.) In the middle of it Brenda called from a park and I could hear her excitedly telling Paul something.

When she got home she said, "Did Dad tell you?" He hadn't, but I had a feeling I was about to hear, so the kettle was put on for tea, and out poured a story of God at work.

But the best part of all was that this time God was at work in something concerning her two girls--and they, old enough now at 11 and 12, had spotted it.

Torie had been heard saying to her sister, "God can do anything!"

Yes, he can. And he is growing seeing eyes in my granddaughters. I pray that they keep them wide open always.

P.S. I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when I thought about the title of the movie we were watching. It was called, Treasure Blind "Some see it; some don't." Hmmm. Coincidence?


Susan said…
Arghhh! More secrets... Well, I look forward to the reavealing of the story as soon as you get permission!

Seeing eyes in your grandkids? That is so incredibly awesome... Yup, God CAN do anything!
Marilyn Yocum said…
Oh, I get so excited when this happens. I see it coming together. I see the movement. I don't know all the details or what the outcome will be, but I am full of confidence and wanting others to see, knowing I can't make that happen, even if I could talk about it, which I am not doing. I hold my own thoughts close so as not to interfere or violate privacy. I totally GOT this post!

Having seeing eyes is both a privilege and a burden (when one is bursting to point it out to everyone), but what delightful torture!
Suz said…
We used to call those "God Sightings" in our Youth Group and we challenged them each week to bring a "God Sighting" to Sunday School. It was awesome.

It is good to keep our eyes open.
Belinda said…
So glad my obscure ramblings were understood! Thank you sisters. :)

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