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It's Over

By Belinda

After writing about never giving up on true friendships, I feel that it is important to add the counterpoint and say, "Sometimes there comes a point when you just have to bale.!"

For a month I've had this high maintenance friend that moved in with us. Really she was a "friend of a friend."

She was very expensive to keep feeding and I just found that she was sucking up way too much of my energy, so I decided I had to call it quits and end the relationship.

I did it tonight. It's over. I have no more "starter." I baked all of it in a massive batch of Amish Friendship Bread and Amish Friendship Muffins.

My kitchen is closed (I just said that to get my own back on Dave who told us he was deleting his blog on April Fools Day) and I am hanging up my apron!

I knew it was time when I visited someone yesterday, and took a loaf of Amish Friendship Bread as a gift. Just before I left I remembered it and reached into my bag. "Oh, I nearly forgot," I said, "I brought you some Amish..." and before I could finish my sentence I saw the fear in her eyes. It was then that I knew I was doomed. The market had hit saturation point. I had to get out.

So tonight as I studied the recipe, figuring out how many dozens of eggs I needed to empty my fridge of for my massive bake off, I noticed something that had flown over my head every time I've read it so far.

The recipe exhorts the baker to "pour the entire contents of the bag into a (in bold letters) NON METAL BOWL." Hello! My shiny new Kitchen Aid, which Paul went out and bought for me when he took pity on my Amish bondage, has a METAL BOWL! You can't use it WITHOUT the metal bowl.The recipe even says to use a NON METAL spoon. I have been desecrating my Amish batter with METAL. Well, the sky hasn't fallen in, but I wondered what I did to the Amish batter so I Googled the question. Apparently the metal reacts with the sourdough and kills the yeast, thus the bread won't rise as well. Hmmm.

So here, recorded for posterity, is the end of my relationship with my needy friend.

Here Molson is having one last sniff.

And isn't this pathetically adorable? :)

Farewell friend. It's been a blast; quite literally, the time when the fermentation process on my countertop resulted in an explosion.

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Julie said…
Praise the Lord for faithful friends. May the Lord bless all who receive your gift of friendship bread. Should you hear a knock at your door in the days to come, may I suggest you sneak a peak before you open the door. Bless you Belinda for the perserverance that you have shown us all. Yes ladies it is safe to go to writers group this week.....
Belinda said…
Ha ha! Oh Julie, see? I WAS inspiring dread. :)
Suz said…
Yes, sometimes it is best to end it all. You will be a better person and a better friend to others without your "needy friend."

You make me laugh!
Susan said…
I'm just thankful you don't dump all your needy friends that easily!
Did you say, 'Get Thee Behind Me, Bread Pan?
Belinda said…
Ha ha! I do think I did! :) They are being put away for a veeeery long time. :)
Marilyn said…
I hear the Amish hold no grudges.
Belinda said…
But they do take prisoners! :)
Susan said…
They do not! (Do they?)
Angcat said…
Congratulations Belinda,
You are free indeed.


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