Monday, April 05, 2010

The Day; From Start to Finish

By Belinda

This is how we spent a most wonderful Easter day!

First: The Easter Sunrise service!

The pastor more formally dressed in shirt and tie, is our son, Peter, reminding me of his grandfather whom I once observed reclining on the sand at Wasaga Beach, dressed in suit and tie. :)

About 50 believers from various churches, gathered in time to see the sunrise over the Tottenham pond. We sang, "Jesus Christ is risen today" and heard the account of the first Easter, read from the gospels.

Between the sunrise service and going home to change for church, Susan, Ann and I, went to the Cedar Kitchen for breakfast. Yes, that is the hippy Ann and I. :)

Susan, Frances, Cheryl and I led worship, with Charlene on the drums, Kevin on guitar and Esther on piano. The children came up on the platform before Sunday School, for the song,"Bullfrogs and Butterflies;" the girls looked like fairy princesses in their Easter finery--all a flurry of frills and pastel gossamer.

After church, Paul and I prevailed upon Mum Burston to come for lunch at the China Garden Buffet. This was a great treat for us--having her to ourselves. We can rarely persuade her to come out.

She is beloved of many. Like my mum, people are drawn to her. She has a ready laugh and is completely down to earth. She talked today about how she gets upset at injustice and of her urge to stand up for the "underdog." I never realized before that Paul inherited his passion to fight against oppression from this dear lady; my mother-in-law.

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Marilyn Yocum said...

Oh, this was lovely, from Sunrise Service to pastel gossamers to mother-in-law's sense of justice, inherited by Paul. I appreciate you sharing all of this.

p.s. Is my penchant for changing blog themes contagious? I love your colors here and am about to change mine AGAIN. I try to resist, but can't.

Belinda said...

Marilyn, we are definitely kindred spirits when it comes to many things, including a penchant for a regular fresh blog theme! :) I love visiting As Good A Day As Any and enjoying the visual presentation. It's another form of self expression isn't it?

I'm so glad you enjoyed our Easter celebrations.