Saturday, April 17, 2010

By Belinda

God knows when we come home battle weary, as I did tonight. Oh, I'm more than all right, don't worry, but it was a long day and a sore spot was touched, and I reacted in defensiveness, then self promotion, and then disappointment--at myself.

I was tired and not at all in the mood for writing anything.  And then I read this on one of my favourite blogs, As Good a Day as Any, a great post:Fighting Bullies ;Marilyn declaring that she will not be bullied by her blog!

And she included a link to a blog that is new to me: The Moonboat Cafe and a great post Obscurity Can Be An Asset

"My blog is not my life. Twitter is not my life. Facebook is only a photo album. These are products of my life, like all my writing. But they are not my life." - Cassandra Frear

I heartily commend both of these posts to you. They are far better than anything I can write tonight, and they will feed your soul with good food.

And yeay! It is Saturday! Happy weekend every one. :)


Marilyn Yocum said...

Thank you for the mention. It's an important topic for many these days, I think.

I like your inclusion and admission of self-promotion. I notice that sometimes when I feel cornered, I go there, when it's really out-of-character for me. It's a sign to me I am threatened or stressed. I often need signs because I have a tendency to minimize what's assaulting me.

You write a good post, even when you think you aren't writing one at all.

Susan said...

I'm with Marilyn. If all you'd written was your first paragraph, it would have been enough to spark a lot of introspection and a dialogue between me and God. The links? I'll get to them too...

Belinda said...

Thank you dear friends. You encourage me always.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Belinda, thanks for demonstrating the courage to control rather than be controlled by the blog. I agree with the others, your non post was post enough.