Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Weekend of Celebrations

We are definitely in "celebrate mode" around here! It started on Friday morning early, with preparations for a work Christmas party here at our home for 14. Each year our team looks forward to this lunch. Unfortunately two people had to turn back on the way from Huntsville, as they got caught in a blizzard, but aside from missing them, we all had a wonderful time.
We all contribute something very yummy to the feast and bring board games or a story to share. This year we played Mad Gab and Tri-Bond after lunch--not according to any set of rules, but just in a relaxed and hilarious way. Loud laughter, and deep relaxation was the result.
By evening, as the last vestiges of that party were cleared away, it was time to prepare for our celebration of "Dutch Christmas," as it is known around here; Sinterklaas, the feast of St. Nicholas, which we celebrate by giving chocolate letters (the initial of each person's first name) and a small gift for each child. And the best part of all is baking vast quantities of sugar cookies, rolled out, cut out, and decorated by six grandchildren. That all happened on Saturday afternoon.
In the evening we went out for supper with our friends Susan and Ron and then on to Yorkminster Citadel Salvation Army, to hear the Songsters in our second concert of the season. It was magnificent. Singer Ali Matthews and guitarist Rick Francis were also performing in the concert and they played and sang so beautifuly, Ali performing several songs that she wrote herself. The three beautiful girls in the photo above are three of Ron and Susan's four daughters.
On Sunday morning I shall be baking squares to take to church to contribute to another feast--our church Christmas lunch after the service, so the celebrations go on.
And this is why I don't have a proper blog post today. But I thought that you might like to know what we have been up to! May all of your celebrations be as joyous and relaxed.


night owl said...

Happy Sinterklaas, Belinda! :)
Love, Night Owl

Marilyn said...

Oh, I'm enjoying the ongoing celebration vicariously through you! Fun, fun. Anything that results in loud laughter and deep relaxation gets high marks. And live music ranks up there with rolled sugar cookies as a top seasonal delight. Party on! You're generating much warmth in these cold temps!

Belinda said...

I'm glad that everyone is celebrating along with us! :)

Angcat said...

Sweet post! In many ways..
I'm confused, don't Ron and Susan have 5 daughters, and 4 sons?

I haven't met all of them, so not sure.