Friday, December 19, 2008

Today I Am...

Today I am...

Happy and Honoured have received a card from some of the people with disabilities supported by the agency I work for, thanking me for the big party on Monday night. The reason I treasure this card is that they read our hearts and knew how much we wanted them to have the BEST time. There were so many hugs and thank you's as they left for home. The truth is that we had to turn staff away who wanted to come even though they weren't working. That was because we already had 100 people coming. It truly is the BEST party!

...a special friendship. Thursday was Susan's birthday. We have laughed and cried our way through to the solid gold of a true friendship that will last for eternity. I am grateful for her heart of pure goodness.

Remembering in Prayer
...Ang and Frank, who went to Sick Kid's Hospital with their son Nicky on Monday night after the big party. Frank and Nicky are still there, while Ang came back to be with their other children. It sounds as if the doctors may have found a medication to control the seizures that strike little Nicky every night, as soon as he begins to drift off to sleep. Please pray with us.

...for the Christmas cards that are arriving in twos and threes, every day now. I look at the stamps, from England, Holland and Canada, and try to guess who sent them. Opening them brings memories of people dear to my heart, and also guilt if they should mention how much they enjoyed last year's Christmas story. This year I haven't written one and haven't even written cards yet. Still, Iam grateful for those I receive, and, although they will be late, I still have hopes of sending my own.

Wondering the God who made this incredibly beautiful world and universe and yet who makes himself known to us in such intimate relationship. How I love him above all else, and worship him, with a happy, celebrating, grateful, heart of wonder.


Joyful Fox said...

Beautiful post, Belinda.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will continue to pray for Ang and Frank, Nicki and family as they work to get his seizures under control.

Thanks for your faithfulness, sister.

Belinda said...

Dear Alex who is a blog reader, said that her great aunt, who was always late with her Christmas cards, called them "Christma Extenders." Isn't that wonderful? That is what my cards shall be!

Night Owl said...

Dear Angcat, I'm sending as much prayers, love and hugs your way as I can!

Dear Susan, Happy Birthday wishes!! :) *hugs*

I think "Christmas Extenders" is exactly what late Christmas gifts/thoughts/cards are! That's brilliant. I was thinking about that yesterday, because I'm VERY late with a present I'm planning to send to friends in the US. I thought, well, I'd actually love to receive something after Christmas. I might be even better after the sudden rush of excitement, to get something in the "calm after Christmas". :)

Oh my goodness... I don't know what to play tomorrow!! :( Suggestions? Favourite carols?

Night Owl

Marilyn said...

"Christmas Extenders" it! I recall a former colleague whose family was of the tradition that celebrated Christmas on January 6, so I feel perfectly find at spanning the whole TWELVE DAYS of CHRISTMAS with no points off for belatedness.

I hope there are NO POINTs OFF for a BELATED BIRTHDAY GREETING to Susan, whose email address escapes me (but I know she reads these comments)! :-)

Susan said...

Yes, I do (read these comments).

Thank you everyone. It truly has been the best birthday ever. And I am enjoying every one of my birthday extenders. :)