Thursday, December 04, 2008

Homeless Man

Gray, cold and cheerless was the winters day. As I drove, wet sleet splattered and stuck to the edges of my windshield. I was grateful for the warmth of my coat and car.

I noticed a strange looking older man walking along the busy street. He looked homeless; transitory. His hair was short and grey. On his back he carried a backpack and his coat was short, black and worn. His tall, thin frame was bent over a long walking stick that he leaned on as he walked with long, loping steps along the street.

Something about him seemed free and peaceful; he had a look about him that reminded me of pictures of Jesus. He seemed purposeful, as if he knew where he was going, yet he was not hurried in getting there. Suddenly, in my imagination, the man was surrounded by followers, similarly dressed in simple, plain clothing. They would not have much in terms of money, but would be content to follow him from place to place, to share a message that would grip people with it's counter culture relevance.

I pictured this man and his followers in the Christmas mall. How they would stand out among the glitter and decorations.

Would we recognize him if it was really him? Would we identify ourselves with him and his followers?

For Jesus was a homeless man, and he called people to leave their stuff and follow him.
He would look so strange in the mall, and ill fitting, and yet we fit so well.
The homeless man on the street, he made me think of Jesus.
Matthew 8:19-20 (Amplified Bible)
19And a scribe came up and said to Him, Master, I will accompany You wherever You go.
20And Jesus replied to him, Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have lodging places, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.


Joyful Fox said...

Thought-provoking and simple.
Thanks for the post. May we be as purposeful and free as we enter this Christmas season.

night owl said...

Well, as long as I get to keep Matthew... And well, it would be nice to keep my piano too, but I wouldn't want to carry her, or ruin her by keeping her outside! :)

Belinda said...

Oh, Night Owl, what a funny image, a transient musician with a piano! :)

Shelley said...

Really makes me think, and wonder.

Susan said...

That's not what Jesus looks like in all those paintings of him... Hmmm. A homeless man. Yes, I suppose he was! (But he's not now. He is at home with the Father and he can be at home in our hearts.)

night owl said...

One of my friends has an inflatable piano though! :) That could work! :) hehehe :) But I can be very joyful with just Matthew. :)
I really like what Susan says about Jesus having a home in our hearts. Wow, He really doesn't have a shortage of homes now! :) (At least not with all of our hearts in which to stay - who do you know who has way more than 10 homes?) :)