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Redeemer is His Name.
As I sit here in the field, my pen caresses His name onto the page.
Gratefulness gentles and smoothes the rough places of the day as I recall His purchase.

"I owed a debt I could not pay...". The old chorus runs through my mind as I write.

To redeem is defined in Websters as "to recover by payment, to regain, to deliver from sin, to pay off, to restore to favour, to make amends for".

If He is the Redeemer, then I am redeemed, purchased back, covered, my debt paid.

"Here, let me get that" He says gently with a smile. "My treat this time", as He stretches His arm out, around me at the checkout and hands payment, for my life, to the warden of this earth.

I have fought, held my head high, insisted that I could manage on my own. All to my own detriment and the hardship of those around me.

But gradually, by His grace, understanding dawned, comprehension took hold and I saw.

I've been redeemed from the need to hold on so tight as I feel my fingernails slipping from the edge...from that pressing need to control...from the inclination to save myself from deeply rooted sin.
I have not become perfect, but I press on toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

The change is that I see. I lean into the Redeemer and accept, grasp, love what He has done for me. I yield as a dog who presses close into the side of his master, trusting in all circumstances, even unpleasant ones. It's all about trust really. I am learning to live in a place long prayed for, a place of trusting my Master, my Redeemer, my Jesus.

Thank You my Lord for teaching, for Your patience as I have floundered and for persevering as I journey in this place. Lead me on and I will follow.
In Jesus name.


Anonymous said…
Hi Angcat,
I enjoyed your post, and I just wanted to say hi.
Good night.
Love, Night Owl
Susan said…
Ang! I didn't see you at Belinda's tonight!

Wait a minute. You weren't there, were you?

Well, the One you have called Redeemer, He must have etched these things into your heart too, the things we too handled with a sense of awe and gratitude...
Joyful Fox said…

I enjoyed your post. This line really spoke to me: "I've been redeemed from the need to hold on so tight as I feel my fingernails slipping from the edge...from that pressing need to control...from the inclination to save myself from deeply rooted sin."

Freedom indeed. As we lean into the Redeemer, accept, grasp, yield, trust, we find freedom and peace. Wow!

Seeking to know, I mean really know that trust in our Redeemer. I get stuck with holding on so tight, the need to control. The vice-like grip is lessening - that's for sure. But I long to experience the letting go, the freedom.

Blessings to you friend,
Angcat said…
Dear Night Owl,
Thanks for dropping in. It was nice to 'hear' your voice.

God bless you and now I will say good night!

Love Angcat

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