Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I love the rain that drips and drizzles, dampens earth and waters thirsty greens.
I love the rain that patters down, leaving splotches dark upon my walk.
I love the rain splattering upon my window, rolling drops make tracks straight down the pane.
I love the rain that pours, surrounds my house like waterfalls as I lay down, so dry and warm.

I love the rain as Spirit beckons spirit, soft soul drops refreshen thirsty one.
I love the rain as All Sufficient One replenishes the dry and yearning soil.
I love the rain as Shepherd King is known and I lie down in pastures green and water fills.
I love the rain as Majesty reveals and I bow down, receive, and worship Him.

I love the Reign,
Of this King who makes the rain and all we take and give.
And how we hear and thirst and yearn are all His doing
I love the rain.


Belinda said...

I LOVE the rain poem!

I love the rhythm and imagary. Thank you Ang for sharing such beauty.

Night Owl said...
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Anonymous said...

AngCat, Have you ever read poetry-stories by Shirley Hughes? She's English, and does kids' books. This reminded me of her stuff -- and she's my favourite for children.

Joyful Fox said...

Beautiful Angcat!

To be thankful and give praise to our creator allows us all to do the same along with you.