Tuesday, October 09, 2007


October 7th 2007

Yesterday morning I arrived in England to start 3 weeks precious vacation with Mum and my brother, Robert in the village I grew up in--Alvechurch.

Although it's so wonderful to be here, I was sorry that the timing of this trip meant that I was missing Thanksgiving weekend with family in Canada, but yesterday I discovered that the timing was no accident.

Robert showed me a small article in the local paper that read, Maple Honours Airmen. Tomorrow afternoon at 2.00 p.m., there is a service in the nearby village of Rowney Green, and a Maple Tree will be planted to honour 5 Canadian airmen who died there during the Second World War.

The tree is being planted by Alvechurch Ex-Services Association, of which Dad was a founding member.

The article says:
"The five airmen died when their Wellington bomber crashed in a field at Lower Park Farm, Rowney Green, on November 23, 1943, while on a training mission from Defford Airfield near Pershore.

John Hoccum, secretary of the Alvechurch Ex-Services Association, who arranged the service, said: "The airmen were flying over the area when their aircraft developed engine trouble.

The plane lost height and the pilot could do nothing about it.

When the association heard of what had happened we felt we wanted to ensure these brave men, who had come from so far away to serve, would be remembered and we thought a Canadian Maple tree, as a living symbol, was more fitting than anything else."

So tomorrow there will be a Canadian writer at the service, absorbing every detail and ready to record and share the experience. I am so excited to be here for this.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Ah 'twas a blessing to come and find you back at Whatever He Says, because whatever You Say ... you're missed.

LoveMyStarr said...

Wow! What an event to be apart of! Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

I was here at the service to remember the canadians, I was one of several children from the nearby school of A.M.S who planted a cross to remember them. I also wrote an article for my schools newsletter.

Belinda said...

Hello! What a lovely surprise to find this comment. It's lovely to have a visit from Alvechurch!