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Morning Thoughts

The gentle beeping of my alarm clock wakes me. It's 6.30 a.m., the time when part of me planned to be up. But another part--"the flesh"--I believe it's called, prefers to linger beneath the warm duvet, listening to the sounds of the waking day.

I hear the twittering of birds outside the window, and upstairs, above my mother's flat, I hear her energetic neighbour, Chris, already up and about.

My thoughts drift back to the docu-drama I watched last night before going to bed. It was called The Relief of Belsen, and used "scripted events, testimony and news footage to depict the struggle of the British led medical team to rescue the starving inmates of camp Bergen Belsen. In April 1945, a British ambulance unit was diverted from the frontline to handle a crisis in enemy territory--an outbreak of typhus in a prison camp. Amid the continuing war a team of volunteers worked to save the starving and dying of Belsen."

I thought of the connection with the book I've been reading while here in England, The Spiritual Brain. The theory of Natural Selection led to the idea that there could be a "super race"--that one human being could be more valuable than another. It was dangerous and evil ideas such as these that led to the unbelievable horror that unfolded in Belsen.

It is important to recognise the lie and the root of it, and stand up for the truth, as Mario Beauregard and Denyse O'Leary have done in their book. The backlash against The Spiritual Brain has been virulent, with many derisive reviews on That means that they've got the attention of some who oppose the idea that man is a spiritual being.

I pray that many people read the book and see the danger and the agenda behind the Materialists philosophy, as well as understanding the evidence for the existence of the soul.


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Our family has a standing date for Sunday dinner on the first Sunday of every month. Not that we don't see each other at any other time, but we all know that particular Sunday is pretty much for sure--and I look forward to it so much--the front door bursting open and our house being filled once more with the voices and vibrancy of six grandchildren and their parents. 

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