Friday, October 19, 2007

The Lord Doth Hear

I opened Edges of His Ways, by Amy Carmichael this morning and saw a note in my hand, written on this day, last year. It simply and cryptically says, "Mum, 2006."

As I went on to read the devotion I understood. The scripture reference is Psalm 141:2

Let my prayer be set forth before Thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.

It is followed by an incredibly moving little poem:

When vision fadeth, and the sense of things,
And powers dissolve like colours in the air;
And no more can I bring Thee offerings,
Nor any ordered prayer...
Then, like a wind blowing from Paradise,
Falleth a healing word upon mine ear;
"Let the lifting up of my hands be as the evening sacrifice;"
The Lord doth hear.

While here with Mum in England, it is her Bible and Daily Light that I read. It was her habit always to read them and pray last thing at night before she went to bed. Her stroke in October 2003 changed that. She can no longer concentrate to read. She says that she loses the thread of what she is reading. I've tried reading to her, but even that seems unimportant to her. She lies awake with the light on for a couple of hours after she goes to bed, so I asked her this morning if she prayed.

"No Belinda," she said, "I do believe, but I can't seem to pray."

She paused and went on, "In case of an emergency I do ask for help...and it is there."

It was obvious that she felt badly and she said, "It's terrible really."

"No Mum," I said, "You belong to Him; you are one of His sheep and He is always with you."

Yes..."The Lord doth hear"

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Dave Hingsburger said...

My faith never leaves me, ever. I have moments when it's strong and up front and moments when it's quietly sitting at the back of my mind, but it's always there. However, like your mother, there are times when prayer doesn't come easily. When I know I need to talk to God but can't find the words, its then that I know that God is truly present because I feel answers to prayers I've not been able to pray.