Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It has been a perfect day.
First we attended church with dear friends. Friends who had waited 17 years for a homeland. Who had come the long route here, from Rwanda, through a refugee camp and many trials. Then on the wings of answered prayers and through the support of faithful brothers and sisters in Christ, found themselves in our town and I am blessed to say, on my street. I on their street.
Today we celebrated with music, testimony and food of Pascal and Eline's final homecoming as they became citizens of our great nation on Friday.
After filling our bellies we went out to fill our senses with the glory of His creation. The sun blazed down from a clear blue sky. The heat was softened by a strong breeze blowing warm air through the day. We travelled in convoy to Mono Cliffs Park in the Niagara Escarpment. The trees still splashed in riotous colors of red, orange and gold ushered us on our journey. The trail opened before us, littered with more leaves, almost ankle deep, crunching. Musty, fall smelling richness filled our nostrils, bringing forth a glad sigh and exclamation of contentment. There's nothing like Autumn. We walked and ran and gathered leaves in our hands and pockets. We climbed up rocky banks to feel the cold in a cave, took pictures and clambered back down again. We laughed and rollicked and praised our Father in Heaven who is the giver of such good gifts. The children dashed ahead, climbing on great fallen logs to become conquerers on strong steeds, to balance and bounce and laugh and chase on again to the next spot. My littlest boy found a broomy kind of branch and most of the way back, swept the path. "I'm cleaning the forest Mom", he said. "Good job honey" I chuckled loving the pile he pushed in front of him and the fun he was having.
Back at the big clearing before getting to the road, we brought out another bounty of food left from the celebration and had a mini feast. We gave thanks to God and sang "Mambo sawa sawa, Yesu akiwa henzini" which means in Kiswahili "Things are getting better when the Lord is on the throne."
As we sang a large bird of prey circled over us with majestic wing span. He came in close and we could see the light and dark colors in his feathers before he swooped up and away over the trees. We were reminded of the scripture we had spoken of earlier that we will mount up with wings as eagles as we wait upon the Lord. It was a fitting finale to a spectacular day of blessing and celebration, like a visitation of the Lord to confirm His strength and presence.
We give You all the glory King Jesus.


Belinda said...

Hey Angela,
It was so good to "see" and "smell" fall in Canada, from so far away in England! Here it has been an exceptionally beautiful autumn due to the exceedingly wet summer. There is a bright side to everything! See you soon.

Susan said...

See, Ang? I told ya! :o)