Saturday, July 28, 2007

So Good Saturday

It's Saturday and I love it.

The day dawns sunny and I am up early. I'm hoping to clean my windows. They surely need it.

Soon, pancakes--our weekly ritual--are bubbling on the griddle and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee fills the air.

After breakfast Brenda and I move to our big back room with another cup of coffee, for our weekly gab. As usual, our conversation is punctuated with phone calls from Peter and then Mum and Robert in England.

By 10.30 I'm back in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast and emptying the contents of my fridge so that I can give it a good clean. As I work I'm listening to a CD loaned by my friend Ann on my Walkman. It's of Henry Blackaby from a conference on faith in the marketplace that she attended. It's inspiring and challenging.

The phone rings. It's my friend Angela and her voice is full of excitement. She tells me that Life 100.3 has a special morning devoted to the music of Keith Green. Angie and I share a love of his music. We quickly hang up our phones and I turn on the radio, as I take off my Walkman for a while.

The kitchen is immediately filled with Keith's incredible, soulful and passionate voice. It was 25 years ago today that he died at age 28 in a plane crash with two of his children and nine other people. His music never fails to move me deeply.

I turn on the radio in the bathroom too, so that as I move to fold laundry in the laundry room, I can still hear the program.

The fridge is a lengthy job because I make a salad and chicken soup as I do the clean up.

Brenda and Jay go shopping and the girls, who I am now watching until their parents come back, come up and have a bowl of chicken soup. Tiffany-Amber tastes it and then says, her voice with a tone of urgency, "You have to make that soup on Tuesday night!" Tuesday is cell group night, when I always make a big meal.

The next amusing thing Tiffany-Amber tells me is that it is important to turn the mattress when you change the sheets. "It's because of--what are those things called--they eat your skin cells."

We all try but fail, to think of what "they" might be--I think that she meant dust mites.

"We shed skin cells all the time, " she says, her eyes wide!

"Actually," she says, her whole body as intense as her words,"We are shedding right now!"

Victoria and I take a moment to consider this and to look for evidence of shedding, but Tiffany-Amber tells us we can't see them.

And so the day continued...I didn't get my windows cleaned. Another day!

The simple joys of home, family and friends--they are great treasures.

Dear Lord how I thank you for friends and family and for days like this, away from the rush of the week. I thank you for days that restore our soul and build memories for our children and grandchildren. Thank you for recalibration, for laughter and for inspiration.

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