Thursday, July 26, 2007

Five Things That I Love About Jesus

I was tagged this morning by Alan at and my mission is to share five things that I love about Jesus and then tag five others.

Five things I Love about Jesus:

I love his humour--as in that moment on the road to Emmaus where he, the risen Christ, joins the two Christ followers as they walk along the road and he asks them what they are discussing. Their response, "Are you only a visitor to Jerusalem and do not know the things that have happened there in these days?" is pricelessly funny.

I love his gentleness in revealing truth. If I were to see all at once the full extent of my fallen nature and the reign of Self in my life, I would be crushed and hopeless--but a step at a time he shines his light on areas that need to come into alignment with his ways--and then he helps me do it by living his life through me.

I love the way that he loves the least of the least--the tax collectors--publicans--the woman caught in adultery--the woman at the well--and me.

I love his deep compassion which I see flowing through my husband, whose strong drive to do something to change things for the better for the disadvantaged in this world, reminds me of Jesus--and comes from Jesus.

I love his unconditional forgiveness--his grace--his mercy. How different to "religion" which attempts to merit heaven by good deeds or legalistic codes of conduct. In loving God with all our heart, mind and soul--and our brother as ourself, the law is fulfilled.

I am going to tag--and I hope I'm doing this correctly--I don't know how to make the name of the blog the link!

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Leann said...

I did not tag five others..but I did share the 5 things.I do not do tag,s..I am not on all the time so I just do not do it.but if you want I did share what I love about Jesus..