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There's Always More Ink

December 31st...a day to look back before looking ahead; at where I didn't do as well as hoped, and where I have changed for the better (in my experience, with God's help.) 

I opened the small pink patterned note book in which I chronicled this year's challenges and victories, its pages secured by a knot, promising confidences kept.

I found on the fly-leaf, a conversation I recorded because it encouraged me, and I share it here because it is perfect for this day above all:

It was September, and our granddaughter Tippy was living out her dream--an art student at Sheridan College. She and her class-mates were instructed to draw a picture that represented themselves. Then, anonymously, the drawings were made into a slideshow for the class to view and analyse. 

When Tippy's drawing came up, some of the students commented on the strokes, saying that they indicated that the artist was confident and strong.

As Tippy recounted this to our daughter Brenda later, she said, "Mom, if you make a mistake, there's always more ink."

When I told Tippy later how her words affected me, I don't think she understood their power, but I pray that she, and others will. Fear of failure shows up in so many ways. In me it has frequently stopped me from even trying, to do something of importance to me.

Let this be the year to shake off the shackles of fear, to steward gifts--to try, knowing that failure is the path to any success worth achieving.

"There is Always More Ink"

Tippy Adams, 2016


Susan said…
Yes, "keep swimming - there is always more ink...". :)
Belinda Burston said…
And isn't that exciting? :)
Leslie said…
Fabulous perspective! I just watched Finding Dory, and these catch phrases are blessings to remind us to continue fighting the good fight.
Belinda Burston said…
Amen Leslie. I've never watched Finding Dory. I think I must! :)
Susan said…
We have it. Time for a movie date. You can laugh at me all the way through... 😂
I can relate belinda - I saw myself in your words of the times I have allowed fear to stop me from trying and be ok with not being perfect or making a mistake - what a powerful phrase ...there is always more ink!

Belinda Burston said…
Yes, Nicole, you did it this past year! This year I am taking more risks--unafraid. TIAMI!

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