Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Industrious Girl

We were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking our coffee one recent morning, me and my man. I was overcome with appreciation for who he is and I told him that one of the things I love about him is that he would do anything--and I mean, any-thing, for his family.

So then I was curious. "What do you appreciate about me, specifically?" I asked. I mean, sometimes it is nice to know, isn't it? :)

This seemed to be a hard question. I could tell the pressure was on. The clock was ticking, like on a quiz show with a time limit before the buzzer rings. I could see the furrowed brow and the figurative pencil being chewed. Beads of sweat were breaking out!

Then, "Industrious!" Paul said triumphantly, "You are very industrious."

Um, "Industrious?" I didn't feel like I hit the jackpot somehow with that quality. I mean, I'm sure that when he first fell for me,  it wasn't because he spotted "Industrious Girl." :)

I have to admit a few more romantic adjectives were squeezed out--under the pressure of realizing that more were required. Such are the unexpected danger zones that shake up morning coffee in our house.

I have been laughing to myself about my "outstanding industriousness" ever since. Maybe the gift of something to smile at all week is the best gift of all.


Anonymous said...

HA HA - I'm am surprised continually at what my hubby appreciates about me. Often it is what I don't do rather than do. :-) He is surprised if I ask, wishing a little booster. After all, he is "still here", isn't he? Men...

Another statement to make you smile. My husband came home from work, saddened that yet another marriage had fallen apart at his work place (where men tend to change women more than their socks). As he walked towards the coffee machine he commented, "I'm so glad we have a sturdy marriage." Sturdy??? Sturdy??? Golly gee - how romantic. That is one word I would have never chosen for our marriage.

My close friend who has knowledge of our many years of turmoil gets the biggest kick out of my husbands view - and doesn't miss an opportunity to use the statement in jest when I'm thinking of "gettn' a gun".

All joking aside, our men do love to hear what we appreciate about them. And I think in some ways, need to hear it more than we do.

Thanks for the smile.

Belinda Burston said...

My friend, "sturdy" and "industrious" are of the same ilk aren't they? Ha ha! But a "sturdy marriage" is a very good thing.

I think you're right in your perception of who might need this the most. :)