Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sweet Essentials

A deep slate gray cloud blanket rolled back from the north eastern sky to make room for a day whose chosen morning dress was peach and palest gold. And I was thinking, at the start of this day, of the sweet essentials that make such a difference!

While tidying up my email inbox before leaving work the evening before--I clicked on an email that I almost filed to read later. It was entitled, "Accessibility Report."

It was late, and at that time of the day it didn't seem an urgent thing to read, but I opened it, and was so glad that I had! There on the front cover was a photo of someone we support at our fall family barbecue; somebody I have known for 37 years.

Immediately my day was transformed! From being focused only on emptying an inbox so that I could go home knowing I'd have a fresh start in the morning; to a reminder of what it is that drives that work and all those emails and paperwork!

In no time I was making copies of the report, which was written in plain language so that people with disabilities can read it more easily. I made copies not only for the person on the cover, but for the other people whose photographs I saw in the report; photographs that had been taken at our fall family barbecue. I knew that they would love to have a copy of the report for themselves, and be so thrilled to see their photographs in this provincial publication! My lips curved in a smile in anticipation of their excitement.

How easily we can lose sight of the purpose of our work. Digging deep to remember why it is we do the job we do makes a huge difference. If at home caring for a family, it can mean remembering why we do the piles of laundry, the vacuuming and cook the many meals to be consumed each week.

Suddenly our heart beat quickens with purpose and passion and our eyes are fixed on something beyond, and bigger than, the present moment; captured again by, the "Sweet Essentials!"


Anonymous said...

Read something today that hit me. Roughly it said that inheritance is what you leave for someone - legacy is what you leave in them. Legacy lives to give applause to others - it is focused on others. Sometimes we need to be reminded our time here on earth is short, and what we leave is not what we earned, saved or invested - it is what we gave away of ourselves that is remembered. The impact you have are with people that you know now. It indeed is "essential" that we remind ourselves of our calling, our purpose. Thanks for the "sweet" pep-talk!

Susan said...

I think I heard some of this somewhere before... :)

Good stuff. :)

Belinda said...

Thank you for sharing that quote synopsis. So cool.

Belinda said...

Yes, Susan, poor soul! Ha ha! :)