Monday, October 21, 2013

Inspiration of One Sort and Another

I glanced to my left as I followed the grey road north this morning and was lost in awe. Yet again. 

It is a wonder to me that I arrive anywhere, when everything in me wants to pull to the side of the road and be amazed. 

I settled instead for being amazed and keeping going. I am a constant captive of the beauty of creation, and this morning it was a far off row of trees, a mixture of deciduous and coniferous; ochre leafy trees and army green soldier trees that stood as though at attention in the line of forest across the misty fields.

I continued to think about my weekend decision to choose a different mind set; acceptance of what is; pondering the fine line between acceptance and changing what I can.

I did reach my destination and when my meeting was over  my work colleague asked me, "And you? How are you doing?"

I told her of my weekend decision to be done with complaining; to be grateful; to change what I can (starting with my mind set) and to give my whole heart to whatever it is I am doing. 

I couldn't help it, I had to say what had been in my head, even though she burst out laughing and said that it would be her quote of the day; I told her the phrase that came to my mind, even though not very polite sounding, was: "Piss or get off the pot!" It summed up what I was thinking. Either make up your mind to get on with it or stop all together; just don't be half hearted about it! 

I left my young friend laughing and talking about finding a visual reminder of a pot and thought that inspiration comes in many different ways. :)  


Susan said...

That "P" word is perfectly good King-James-Bible English. (Paul's dad told me that. Well, in so many words. And it really is in there :) )

Belinda said...

Ha ha Susan, yes! The Bible is extremely down to earth for a heavenly book! :)

Anonymous said...

That was one of my dad's favorite sayings. If we were undecided - he threw it out there. It was jarring - but effective. If we are not doing anything constructive, move away or move on. Of course he is also famous for "You don't take a ham sandwich to a banquet." So you can see the wisdom ran deep...ha ha.

Belinda said...

Oh, Anonymous! I like your dad's philosophy! :)