Sunday, May 12, 2013

Using my Mother's Day Ticket...:)

This Mother's Day we woke up in Ontario, to a joke being played by Mother Nature! It was snowing. In May. After being over 70  degrees in Toronto last week!

Not only that, but as the snow swept down from the leaden sky, a blustery wind blew full force.

As I drove to church, I thought of the 10 K run that Brenda had signed up for. Surely she wouldn't be doing it in this weather, I thought, especially since she hadn't been running for the past three months after her training schedule was interrupted by some health issues. I couldn't imagine anyone running in the freezing cold of this morning.

But I was wrong! To my daughter, a promise is a promise. Pardon me for using the Mother's Day Ticket, to be proud.

It was the Toronto Sporting Life 10 K for children with cancer, and she managed to run 5 kilometers without stopping, and walked and ran the rest of the way. Brenda is cold at the best of times, and she said that parts of her were completely numb as she ran!

There were 27,000 runners, cheered on by crowds of onlookers holding up encouraging signs. She is the one in the second row centre with the headband. I am sure that her two girls are as proud of her as I am. Happy Mother's Day Sweetie!
Belinda/Mom :)


Brenda said...

Thanks Mom! This means the world to me!

Belinda said...

I'm one proud mom! :)

Brave Raven said...

Amazing Brenda!! Hard core to brave the cold!!