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The Gift of a Day

I booked this day off months ago and suddenly it was here, a day off which I had put on my calendar for today.

I had plans. There are so many things when you work full time, that just don't fit into the time left at the end of the day, or squeeze into a Saturday, what with the laundry, shopping and cleaning (like I even really do cleaning as it should be done! :)) I'm not complaining though. I wrote a while back about the routine my mum had, without the help of a dishwasher, washing machine or dryer. And I love my job. No complaints.

But gratitude? Oh yes!! For a day at home; "extra!"

In a week that has been glorious; unseasonably warm and sunny--like a sudden outbreak of summer; today, Friday, dawned gray and cool and drizzly. It didn't matter! I woke up without a deadline for getting up, but got up because I didn't want to waste a precious minute. 

Paul was away, on his way home from a conference in Ottawa, so I relished solitude and listened to the rat-at-tat-tat of the needles of rain on the skylights as I made coffee and whipped up an omelette for breakfast.

The body fed, it was time for the soul and a meeting with God. He was waiting of course; he always is. Precious minutes, aha moments as I read his Word! I loved every minute spent with him, face to face and heart to heart.

I got sidetracked then, from my plan for the day, but that too, was pleasurable. I could get sidetracked and it didn't matter. I tidied some shelves and purged some more of the things I really don't need, washed them and wrapped them in tissue, to go to Alliston's Attic the thrift store that supports the school where three of our grandchildren go.

I had a healthy tossed salad with chicken for lunch, and then I was ready to get back on track with my plans for the day; a trip to a clock store, and my doctor's office to arrange for my file to go to a doctor closer to home.

I had already turned the heat back on after feeling frozen by the air conditioning that had been needed earlier in the week. Outside today it was only 11 degrees. Air conditioning definitely not needed! I put on my raincoat and still feeling chilled, cranked up the heat in my car as I drove off, and headed to the post office to pick up our mail. 

"It feels so lovely and warm in here," I said to Diana, who was working away behind the counter, dressed in her blue Canada Post uniform. She smiled and said, "And I haven't even had the heat on!"

"Well, it is so chilly outside, and rainy too," I said, "But I don't mind at all because I have a day off and I'm enjoying every minute!"

Diana looked as though she was sharing my joy even though she was working. I do think joy is contagious! :)

I drove next, up the highway to the village of Cookstown, looking for Timepiece, the clock and watch repair store, on Queen Street. I hadn't been there before, but had looked them up on the internet and knew that I was looking for storefront painted a dusty red, with a clock hung over the door.

I spotted it quickly, found a parking spot right outside. I opened the trunk and carefully carried our beautiful 40 year old chiming wall clock up the steps and inside.

I felt that I had entered a magical place! The walls were covered with clocks of every type and every size, all unique, some quirky, all of them beautiful! The counters had display cases that held antique watches, rings and other treasures. Behind the counter a man stood talking to a man in front of the counter, but stopped to invite me in a European accent that I couldn't pin down, to, "Show me your baby;" the clock in my arms.

I explained what was needed, while the other man said he'd see him later and left. While he was getting the details from me, another, older, eccentric looking man came in, obviously a friend, because he plunged right into conversation with a strong British accent, about a great "find" of some sort.

Meanwhile I was entranced by the clocks all around me and said, "I am so sorry I didn't bring my camera. Would you mind if I come back and take some photos?"

As if that was a request perfectly understood, he said, "Oh, no, that would be fine."

I drove away thinking that I should never leave my camera at home!

As I drove away through the quaint and pretty village, and headed for Aurora and my doctor's office, I turned my car radio to Classical 96.3 fm. I usually listen to CBC, but wasn't interested in the topic under discussion. 

The piece of music playing on 96.3 was a notturno Opus 12 by Joseph Joachim (1831-1907.) The voice of the violin plucked the strings of my heart, pulling it almost out of my chest, it was so achingly beautiful. I think it was played by Daniel Hope. I have looked for the piece on You Tube but can't find it. Find it, listen, and be prepared to have your heart almost explode with ecstasy.

As a second best, I did find a clip of him playing a piece from his new CD "Spheres," entitled "I giorni" by Einaud. As I sign off for today, I leave it for you to enjoy!


swissdebbie said…

did not find opus 12 but an Evening rhapsody which I liked
swissdebbie said…
...but this one is lovely as well, downloaded both on my pc!
Belinda said…
I'm listening to Evening Rhapsody as I type this--evening though it is Saturday MORNING!You couldn't find me a Morning Chorus? Ha ha! So much beautiful music in this world.
swissdebbie said…
haha of course there is a morning chorus but as you mentionned "notturno" I was looking for the evening....but no worry there's a few more the chose from;$


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