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Road Trip to Barrie

It felt like a road trip even though it is usually just a half hour trip north.

On Friday evening I suddenly realized that my 9.00 a.m. appointment with Jamie, my hairdresser, in Barrie, the next day; would mean driving north on the first holiday weekend at the start of the summer.

Even on Thursday, driving south with co-workers from a meeting in Huntsville; as we approached Barrie, the highway going north was packed with cars that were moving as slowly as the last dregs of ketchup on their way out of the bottle. 

So I set my alarm extra early for Saturday morning and left the house an hour before my appointment. 

Maybe it was because it was a holiday weekend that I packed as though I was going on a road trip. I had a packed lunch; extra coffee in a thermos; my camera (who knew what photo opportunities might present themselves,) and a great book to read. And just in case I finished the first one; a back up book.

Any road trip needs music, and in my CD player I had music given to me by someone this week--a Mavis Staples CD. Mavis Staples is a legendary singer and a civil rights activist.

My car headed into the warm, holiday weekend sunshine, while encapsulating a voice and music with the power of a jet engine. I made a mental note, "Add a Mavis Staples concert to my bucket list."

Here is a little Mavis for you to enjoy.
I cranked the radio and tried to decide which of the 13 tracks I loved the most. Impossible! !

Paul had advised taking the quieter highway, 27, rather than highway 400. I took his advice and instead of racing up the highway as I would have done, I enjoyed driving through the villages that dot the route to Barrie like pearls on a necklace: Newton Robinson; Cookstown; Thornton and Holly.

All the cars and bikes passing through them with me, had an air of "holiday," and "freedom from care," about them.

I drove into the parking lot of the Gravity Salon, twenty minutes early and went in and greeted Ivo, the owner. I said that I knew I was very early. He laughed and said, "And you know she (Jamie) isn't going to be here, don't you?" I did, and I adore her just the way she is, because when I am the one in her chair, I am the only person in the world on her mind. 

Ivo showed me upstairs to the still empty second floor, but I decided to go grab my camera from the car and take some photos to record this part of my day.

I was sitting comfortably at a round glass table, writing while sipping on coffee, when Ivo came back upstairs and said, "You know how you told me what a great day you were having?"

I smiled expectantly, "Yes?"

"Well, how about I ruin it for you," he said, "I just checked the book, and your appointment is next week."

My heart refused deflation. "You are not ruining it," I said, "I'm here enjoying the music, writing, coffee and quiet. If Jamie can squeeze me in, great! If not, I am still having a great day."
 On cue, Jamie arrived, beverage cup in hand, and with a quickly agreed upon 45 minute wait, I was "in."

During the wait I got to read without distraction. It was wonderful. 

Jamie squeezed in my root retouch between stages of doing the hair of her two "legitimate" customers of the morning. I thanked them both for not minding my pushing in to a little of their time, but I didn't want to be really rude, so I got Jamie to just comb out my hair and leave it to dry on the way home, rather than blow dry it. At the cash register I had a great surprise--a deal on colour that week, and a savings on no blow dry. So sweet! And Jamie was happy too, as she has a waiting list of customers for cancellations, so she will fill my appointment for next Saturday with another happy client.

My day went from amazing to super amazing from there on, but  I will save the rest for tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
Do you every notice the difference between a good day and a bad day is attitude and anticipation. Our attitude towards what happens and our anticipation of what may happen and preparation for it. If your attitude towards any of the factors of your day had been negative - everything that followed would have been tainted with that. Had you not prepared for the unexpected, the waiting would have been a burden instead of a hidden blessing.
Belinda said…
Anonymous, the choice of attitude--yes, I do notice that, but I hadn't considered the preparation for the unexpected! And I think that I could have withstood many "disasters" that day, because I was so determinedly happy. I noticed that I was prepared to make mental adjustments in the story I was telling myself about what was happening, and as a result, it all fell into a beautiful pattern of blessing.

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